What is OPEROO?

Operoo is an innovative parent controlled electronic medical form for schools with a duty of care. It’s an electronic version of the paper based forms you would normally complete for excursions, camps, enrolments, etc. It provides parent’s the opportunity to update medical information promptly and accurately while providing the school with instant access to the emergency information provided by you.

Operoo offers the school and families the following:


The data can only be viewed via an authorised staff member with their login and password making data more secure than paper forms.
The Operoo system is located in a highly secure environment in Australia, and, for their Australian Customers, the Operoo data will always reside in Australia. It uses sophisticated security measures to keep data safe and it is backed up every hour. There is an automatic audit trail. The data in Operoo will never be shared with any other person or group without your consent. Parents control the data that is available and can remove access at any time.

Up to date emergency information:

You have the ability to update the data at any time and ensure your child’s details are correct. This should be done whenever there is a change in information (such as a new emergency contact number or new medical condition). It is important to ensure these details are up to date before a camp or excursion to ensure staff are well prepared to care for your child.

Mobile Access:

Operoo allows our staff to access your child’s emergency details on mobile devices while they are on excursions and camps. This will save time in emergency situations. Data is more secure than paper forms. If a mobile device with Operoo data is lost or stolen the data cannot be viewed as it is in encrypted (scrambled) format.

Electronic Permission Forms:

Parents will receive electronic permission forms for excursions and camps and can reply instantly without filling in a single form.

Multi-use care profile for families:

Once you have shared the care profile for your child with Ƶ Primary School you can share it with other people who you entrust to care for your child such as family, friends and sports coaches. You can also create care profiles for other family members.

You and others can download the free Operoo app for iPhone and Android smartphones, iPad and Android tablets and have access to your family care profiles on these mobile devices.

If your child’s club uses Operoo you will be able to share the same care profile with the club. You only need to maintain one care profile for your child and it can be shared with our school, clubs, grandma, family, friends, baby sitters … anyone you trust … and they are all instantly updated when you update the data.

For further information on the features please visit the website: